How to Keep Your Luxury Home Cool in Udaipur’s Summer?

The dry and humid summer months are already here. Almost each of us curses the sun at least once a day. Temperature is shooting above 50 degrees Celsius every day. This wild, scorching and unbearable heat makes it almost impossible for people to hang out under the sun.

People prefer to chill inside their homes in front of AC and coolers. And, what else can give more competition to this weather than the city of Udaipur itself. The temperate and humid environment of Udaipur makes it one of the hottest cities in the country. But worry less, Sanchi homes, the best real-estate developer in Udaipur, is here to suggest some simple tricks to keep your home cool.

Here are the six tricks and hacks that can keep your luxury home cool in Udaipur’s summer:

1. Choose a lighter paint color for walls:
Dark paint color on the exterior and interior walls absorbs the sun’s rays, while light paint color reflects the sun’s rays. So, if you are thinking of renovating your house, you can choose a light paint color. Or, if you are planning to get a new house for you, you can ask the contractor to choose light paint colors. Sanchi group provides the best flats and rooms in Udaipur. You can contact us for more details.

2. Proper flooring:
If you want to construct your house, you can choose flooring options like marble and travertine. These options look attractive and also help in keeping your property cool. We at Sanchi group try our best to make your home according to your expectations and dreams. We are the best real-estate developers in Udaipur.

3. Cross-ventilate your home:
The architecture and construction of a property affect too much of its temperature. Cross ventilation can help in maintaining your home temperature cool. Air circulation and fresh airflow can help you get rid of the stagnant hot air. Sanchi group has the best team of architects and designers. We plan the map and layout of the building after analyzing the land’s relief and other physical features.

4. Plant trees around your home:
Plant more and more trees and herbs around your house. Trees help to mitigate the heat. Planting trees around you keeps your home cool and benefits the environment in the long run.

5. Curtains and sun-protective films:
Install sun-protective films and curtains on your windows. You can close the curtains during grueling heat hours; this will help reduce heat in your house’s interiors. You can also choose UV block films for more cooling effects.

6. Use dehumidifier:
If you live in humid locations like Udaipur, you can bring an excellent humidifier to your home. A dehumidifier will help you draw out the moisture from the air, thus lowering the indoor temperature significantly.

Building a home is almost next to building a dream. So, you need to choose the right builders. Sanchi group can prove itself as your right choice. We make your home just the way you want, keeping all the logical and practical facts together. For more information, contact our team right now.